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Welcome To Legalize ND
Legalize ND is a North Dakota based grassroots organization with the mission to reform marijuana laws in the state of North Dakota.

Thanks to your support, we have played a significant role in influencing North Dakota marijuana policy through lobbying and ballot measures. Marijuana charges in North Dakota have been reduced from a criminal misdeameanor to a lower level criminal infraction, without jail time. We have also played a big role in getting criminal charges expunged, the governor pardon program, and improvements to the medical marijuana program. 

Despite these changes, much work remains to be done. A THC vape pen, hashish, liquid, and wax is still a felony in North Dakota. It is still a felony to possess any amount of marijuana within 100 yards of a college campus and the reduced penalties still show up on a criminal background check. As of December 2019, only 2,000 people have signed up for the medical marijuana program. Black market marijuana is a threat to public health with poisoned and laced product. The vaping epidemic, which has hospitalized over 2,600 nationally started with black market marijuana vape pens.

Legalize ND is best known for the 2018 Measure 3 ballot measure which would have legalized marijuana in North Dakota. After falling short at 41%, we used all of our resources to find out exactly what the citizens of North Dakota would like to see. We talked to and surveyed thousands of people from all parts of North Dakota and we feel we have put together the perfect ballot measure.

We are currently collecting signatures and will need to collect roughly 14,000 signatures for the measure to appear on the November 3rd, 2020 Presidential Election. Click here to find a petition in your city.
How is the new measure different?
The 2020 ballot measure is completely different than the 2018 version.

One of the main arguments against the 2018 verision was "it is poorly written by out of state attorneys." This 42 page measure was drafted, written and reviewed by prominent North Dakota law firms, was reviewed by North Dakota Legislative Council, and approved by the Attorney General and Secretary of State.

This measure addresses the concerns of those who voted no in 2018.

Some of the highlights include the ability for local communities to "Opt Out" of having marijuana dispensaries. It gives North Dakotan's 21+ the right to possess small amounts on private property, but strictly forbids the growing of it or using it anywhere in public. It creates a 10% tax and regulates cannabis stricter than both alcohol and tobacco. It sets strict rules to forbid the marketing to people under 21, has child proof container and lock and key storage requirements. It also allows landlords and business owners to set rules about usage. To read about the measure, click here
How can I get involved?
The most important thing you can do is sign the petiton. If we don't gather enough signatures by July 6th, 2020, this is all for nothing.

Please make a donation to the cause. Even if you can only chip in $5, all the small donations add up. We are a volunteer based grassroots organization and survive by small donations. Donation money is used to advertise, lobby, collect signatures, and make media appearances throughout the state of North Dakota. On the flip side, the opposition is well funded by special interest groups. To donate, click here.

Help change the stigma behind cannabis by liking or follow our social media accounts. We are on Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, and Instagram. To help spread the word, please share our content and articles. 

You can sign up to collect signatures, staff booths at events, hang up posters or flyers, or even make phone calls on election week.

Even if you can only collect a dozen signatures, you can make a difference. Did you know you can print off the petition online and collect signatures? It's easy. Click here for more information or email us at [email protected]